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Minimum Service Fee

Mowers and Blowers charges a Minimum Service fee of $75, this charge does not apply to appointments that are scheduled for Tune-Ups, our intent is to cover our costs for repair calls that require shorter lengths of time. We want our customers to know up front the minimum it will cost should they schedule a service call.

Shop Supplies

Most repairs and all Tune-Ups will carry a shop supplies charge. This charge will vary from $6 to $12 and covers the cost of oil, grease, shop rags, cleaners, solvents and other non-inventory items such as nylon ties, fuel line, and hardware that are required to maintain or repair your machine.

Lawn Mower Tune-Up Pricing

Walk behind mower tune-up and inspection: $79*
Includes sharpening blade, cleaning air filter, changing oil, checking spark plug, general lube of pivots and cables, cleaning of deck. Machine inspection.

Riding mower tune-up and inspection: $149*
Includes removing the blower housing of the engine for cleaning, sharpening blades, cleaning deck, setting tire pressure, inspecting belts, changing oil, checking spark plug, cleaning air filter, general lube of machine. Machine inspection.

Snow Blower Tune-Up Pricing

Single stage snow blower tune-up and inspection: $69*
Includes inspecting paddles and scraper bar, spark plug check, inspecting drive belt, inspecting chute or vanes, general lube. Machine inspection.

Two stage snow blower tune-up and inspection: $99*
Includes oil change, spark plug check, belt inspection, chute inspection, transmission inspection and lube, skid and scraper inspection and adjustment, general lube. Machine inspection.

* Pricing excludes the cost of service parts and materials. We'll always call to authorize additional repairs.

If your machine is not performing as it should, you need a repair estimate, not a tune-up. Give us a call. We can help!

Our hourly repair rate is $75/hr. Most repairs can be estimated in 1/2 hour to 1 hour. Our estimate time is always applied to the cost of the repair.

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